Lapse Of Time 3D

  • 12/18/2014

On a winter afternoon, in the course of a hide and seek game, a kid finds shelter in the most unlikely of places : the huge astronomically-tuned clock of the city’s cathedral! Sneaking his way through, he accidentally gets his jacket stuck into the mechanism blocking the entire system… and of time itself!

Years later, in the wake of this experience, the kid is now an established clockworker spending his life trying to bring back to life watches and clocks of all sorts.
Until one day when he realizes time is actually slowing down…

TO WATCH THE VIDEO: Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer and click on the “gear” icon on the bottom right of the video to set the 3D settings (choose NO if you don’t have a 3D screen)



“Lapse of Time” is a short-film project blending stereoscopic 3D, photomontages, time lapse and filmed scenes. Telling the story of a odd clockmaker obsessed with time, seen through the eyes of the people around him. Reality, lies and fantasy wind and unwind around this atypical character. This project, on the boundary between fiction and experiment, is inspired by films such as Darren Aronofsky’s “PI” or Chris Marker’s “La Jetée”… with the addition of stereoscopic 3D. Working in 3D today is an exploration of the foundations and very substance of cinema: narration, direction, the images and their relation to time. It’s an opportunity to experiment and to re-think space and push the limits in a universe which opens itself to a new dimension: depth. It’s far from being a mere curiosity or cliché belief that it is simply a traditional 2D movie with “an extra camera”.

The movie was shot in April 2013, with RED EPIC AND CANON 7D – 15 min



 Audience Choice Award in Cinematography Short Form – IFFCA – Los Angeles 2014 

 Best Cinematography – Women’s Independent Festival – Los Angeles – 2014 

 Best Live-Action Short Film – I3DS Creative Awards – Los Angeles – 2014 

 Audience Award – LA-3D Film Festival – Los Angeles – 2013 

 Audience Award – Courant 3D Festival – Angoulème – 2013 

 “Best Fiction” prize – Dimension 3 Festival – Paris – 2013 

 Special Mention for “Creativity and Originality” – Dimension 3 Festival – Paris – 2013

 “Best Stereographer” prize – BEFILM Underground Film Festival – New York – 2013


Official Selection

FLICKERS: RIIFF Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Fest – Rhode Island – 2015
3D-Filmfest BEYOND – Karlsruhe – 2015
Hollyshorts Film Festival – Los Angeles – 2015
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Academy Awards qualifying festival) – 2014
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (Academy Awards qualifying festival) – 2014
Festival Iles court de Maurice – 2014
Festival Courant 3D “Best of 3D” – 2014
24ème Festival International du film d’animation “Les nuits magiques” Bègles – 2014
New Media Film Festival – Los Angeles – 2013
39th National Stereoscopic Association Convention – Traverse City – 2013


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