“Under the Canopy VR” released

  • 02/09/2017

Experience the Amazon rainforest in cinematic virtual reality with “Under The Canopy”, a collaboration between Jaunt VR and Conservation International.

The world’s greatest rainforest is also one of its most vital life-support systems — and it is under threat. Conservation International (CI) and Jaunt VR take viewers “Under the Canopy” to experience the wonders of the Amazon rainforest and appreciate why we need to protect it. In the piece, you will soar over treetops and plunge into rivers as you explore Earth’s most biodiverse ecosystem.



Director: Patrick Meegan

Director of Photography: Celine Tricart

Drone/cablecam operator: Davis DiLillo

Grip: Gary Wilkins

Camera tech/DIT: Cael Liakos-Gilbert

AC: Ryan Houchin

Sound: Joel Douek and Benedict Green

Produced by Conservation International & Jaunt VR